• Saturday, July 8, 2017
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  • 8:00 PM

Rahim AlHaj - Letters from Iraq | Asher Shasho Levy

Rahim AlHaj

In a language of string quintet, oud and percussion, Rahim AlHaj transforms his challenges as an Iraqi political refugee to respond to emotion-filled letters from a war-torn country.

Asher Shasho Levy

Asher Shasho Levy and his ensemble of master musicians journey to the heart of the traditional music of Syria, with a special focus on the sacred Aramaic, Hebrew, and Judeo-Arabic repertoire of his Halabi Aleppan Jewish community. Built around classical Arabic maqam, and drawing influences from Andulusian traditions and Levantine folk music, this deep, mystical music constitutes an ancient, little known, facet of the musical tradition of Syria. As a member of the diasporic Syrian Jewish community, Asher Shasho Levy seeks to bring the ancient history and vibrant musical and poetic traditions of his now-exiled community into focus. 

Asher Shasho Levy: oud and vocals
Daniel Moltke Mogtaderi: violin  
Virgine Alumnian: qanun
Jamie Papish: percussion
Ava Nahas: percussion

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