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Urban Badlands - Gemma Castro | The Altons | The Steady 45s Program

Urban Badlands is a musical festival and LatinX state of mind born and nurtured in Southeast L.A. While the first three festivals were firmly planted in Maywood, it has taken successful road trips and Urban Badland’s lead ambassador (and ex-GP summer intern) Justin Jimenez has brought a sampling of the festival to Grand Performances this evening. This dynamic triptych comprised of Gemma Castro, The Altons, and The Steady 45s brings to us a trio of moods and styles that are each a window into the Urban Badlands aesthetic. Cool. Inviting. Fun. Que chido!

Gemma Castro is a soul singer, instrumentalist, and producer who began her musical journey singing in church. Castro self-released her debut EP (entitled "Gemma") in the summer of 2016. Her music is intensely personal with a variety of musical, and artistic influences, generously letting us see her at her most vulnerable. She transports the listener to a galaxy filled with emotion, contemplation, and most importantly of healing.

The Altons is a soul-rock group with a twist of Latin-inspired flavors and rhythms. Their music is driven by great grooves from the rhythm section that will bring you to your feet and inspire lovers to dance a little closer. When they take control of the stage, you can always expect a fun and energetic time.

The Steady 45s was founded in Los Angeles in December 2012. They consistently deliver a highly energetic live performance that is quickly making waves that transport audiences back to 1960s Jamaica.

Gemma Castro
Tony Martin - Bass
Will Logan - Drums
Christian Vazquez - Guitar
Taylor Spiliotis - Trumpet
Gracie Sprout - Harp

The Altons
Bryan Ponce - Lead Vox/Guitar
Carlos A. Canovas - Vox/Drums
Gabriel Maldonado - Bass
Adriana Flores - Vox/Percussion
Joseph Quinones - Vox/Guitar

Steady 45s
Joe Quinones- Vox/Guitar
Eric Crucial - Bass
Joe Nieves - Guitar/vox
Fritz Zar - Drums/vox
Ian Jacks - Tenor Saxophone
Alfredo Barrios- Trumpet