Visit Us!


As you know, Grand Performances’ shows on Cal Plaza are 100% absolutely FREE to attend; no tickets or reservations* required (ever!), so all you really need to bring are two things:

  • your enthusiasm for an amazing evening of performing arts
  • all your friends, family, and neighbors ready to experience a GRAND night out!

We set up about 800 chairs for Water Stage shows, and the Marina Pavilion seats about 300 people comfortably. There are also benches on the upper level of Cal Plaza.

Grand Performances believes in equal access and accessibility to seats, so seating is open, begins two hours prior to performance, and is filled on a first-come first-served basis. (As standard policy, Grand Performances does not hold group or individual seats for the general public*)

Individuals are allowed to reserve up to 6 six seats – they just have to be present the entire time (i.e. please don’t leave any items or bags unattended – they will be confiscated).

If you don’t plan on getting here super early, feel free to bring your own folding chairs. Please don’t block any areas designated for walking, dancing, or wheelchairs (our Disabled Seating seats are located on the lower plaza, house right).

Regardless of where you sit, please bring whatever makes you comfortable for a 2+ hour show – be it blankets, pillows, cushions, jackets or even snuggies (we won’t judge). After sunset, Southern California nights can vacillate between stifling hot and teeth-chatteringly chilly, so check the evening’s forecast and come prepared!


*However, we do hold a small amount of preferred seating for artists, event supporters, and our own GP Jewels. It’s only a tiny fraction of the entire house (5-10%, depending on the show), and it’s our small way of thanking those who make our performances possible!